Artist Statement

Megan Atwood Cherry is a multi-disciplinary artist who confounds her own affinity for cohesion and organization by creating an ongoing march of distinct inquiries, each series stubbornly different from the last. Though often bound by conceptual ties to her other investigations, each body of work requires its own processes, media, and language.

Her recent work includes paper sculptures and drawings. These works reflect Megan’s abiding love for office supplies, accounting, and snail mail, each of which are ruled by the comforting structures of geometry.


Megan Cherry’s working life is rooted in North Idaho, where she balances public service in the arts with her own studio practice. She is the Arts Program Manager for the City of Moscow, where her fondness for creative organization, collaboration, and arts advocacy has found a place to call home.

When not at City Hall or in the art studio, Megan can usually be found in the midst of woodworking and forest stewardship collaborations with her husband, James.

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